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Beneath The Papers  |  London Bubble Theatre  |  Oct 2023

Set and Costume Designer

Director — Marie Vickers

Devised play by London Bubble Theatre's Older Adults’ Company.

Island of Milusey  |  Canal Cafe Theatre  |  Mar 2023

Prop Maker & Stills Photographer

Director — Darcy Dixon

Prop of a "severed head in a plastic bag"

Chekhov's Dildo  |  The Hope Theatre  |  Feb 2023

Set and Costume Designer

Director Merle Wheldon-Posner

"Perfectly chaotic characterisation of a university bedroom"—Jennifer Laishley, CentreStage.

"A bed that’s reminiscent of Tracey Emin’s artwork"Amelia Braddick, EverthingTheatre. 

Tea Break Theatre  |  London Bubble Theatre  |  Jun 2022

Set Designer 

Director — Marie Vickers

End of term performative round-up for Tea Break community theatre, brought to life through site-specific design elements.

Materials used from scrap and recyclables.

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